No,Cam Newton Jersey Houston needs to be extremely aggressive at on March 7th when theyre allowed to begin negotiations with impending free agents. They also need to be willing to not target only players that have a history with head coach Bill OBrien. Neither Ryan Mallet or Brian Hoyer fulfilled expectations,Pierre Garcon Jersey and its pretty clear that OBrien targeted them because of their mutual history in New England. Yes, that means Houston should probably stay away from Christian Hackenberg in the Draft.Calvin Johnson Jersey In fact, I think they should stay away from all of the quarterbacks in this seasons draft. There's no surefire starter and there's few enough top-tier options that Houston would probably have to trade up from their No.Andrew Luck Jersey 22 spot to get one. That isn't worth it, given that it would be tough to hand the reins over to any of 2016's upcoming rookie quarterbacks and feel confident in their ability to produce.Tom Brady Jersey A late-round flier on a developmental quarterback is fine, but Houston should be actively trying to address the position in free agency, and I think there will be a few options out there.Colin Kaepernick Jersey I wouldn't expect (or recommend) either Kirk Cousins or Brock Osweiller to receive franchise tags from their teams, and while they will probably command a price higher than they deserve, it would be worth it for Houston to pay it.Kelvin Benjamin Jersey My favorite idea: Robert Griffin III (if he's released by the Washington Redskins as expected). He's already got a great fanbase in the Houston area and may come for cheaper than you'd expect if there's limited interest around the league. The only reason Houston may get away with not signing a top free-agent QB would be if they feel confident in Tom Savage's development.Dick Butkus Jersey He hasn't been able to stay healthy, but the team has liked what theyve seen from him in limited action. In fact,Matthew Stafford Jersey House of Houston’s Brian K. Patterson says he’d love to see Savage as the 2016 starter. I don't know if I'm as eager as Mr.Peyton Manning Jersey Patterson is, but I'd rather the team give Savage a shot than spend a high draft pick on a quarterback who's just as unknown as Tom. Ultimately, I think Houston's best bet will be to do everything they can to grab one of the top free agent quarterbacks. Even the likes of Sam Bradford or Ryan Fitzpatrick would offer better play under center than we saw for much of this year, but I wouldn't rely on those guys into the future. Hopkins and J.J. Watt have been carrying this team alone for two years now, and it would be nice to get them some help.